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Training resources and inspiration for students, teachers, and supporters of Aikido Sarasota.

About Us

Aikido is not just a martial art. We believe that anyone can develop their own self-mastery through practice, and we see proof of this every day.

We learn from whatever we practice.

Stressing out, procrastination, and self-doubt might seem involuntary, but it's something we learn to do. Assertiveness, mindfulness, and clear, decisive action can also be learned, when your experience supports these skills.  

The more you practice, the more you become the person who stays clear-headed in stressful times. The one who takes action to solve a problem and de-escalate a situation. Someone who joyfully steps past the edge of your comfort zone, and finds that your comfort zone can grow.

Why You Should Join Us

This community page is designed to support students at all phases of their Aikido journey. If you are an existing student or family of Aikido Sarasota, you can join this page for free. On this page, you can interact with your instructors and other students and gain a better understanding of the principles we are here to learn. Here you will have access to training videos and resources designed specifically to support your practice.

In Gratitude

We are grateful for a close-knit and supportive group of students and instructors, who maintain interest and engagement in this dojo and our shared Aikido practice even when circumstances keep us off the mat. We are all in this together!